Rental Increases

Oregon Rental Increases

Can my landlord issue a rental increase within the first year in the state of Oregon?  No. See HB 4143 Passed March of 2016.

After the first year, what kind of notice is required for a rental increase in the state of Oregon? 90-day notice prior to the rental increase with the following information provided:

(a)The amount of the rent increase;
(b) The amount of the new rent; and
(c) The date on which the increase becomes effective.
(4) This does not apply to tenancies governed by ORS 90.505 to 90.850.  Mobile homes and floating homes are excluded from these requirements.

(See HB 4143 Passed and signed into law March 15, of 2016 and effective March 15, 2016.)

Portland, Oregon, Rental Increases

Are there additional protections for Portland, Oregon residents?  Yes. Portland City Code 30.01.085 (c) provides additional renter’s protections in relation to rental increases.  If your landlord raises your rent by 10% or more within a 12 month period, you may be entitled to moving costs if you give notice within 14 days of receiving notice of the rental increase.  You are not entitled to your moving costs if the rental agreement is for a week-to-week tenancy, or if your landlord rents out only one dwelling unit in the City of Portland, or to a landlord who temporarily rents out the landlord’s principal residence during the landlord’s absence of not more than 3 years, or to tenants that occupy the same dwelling unit.

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