Rates of Oregon Tenant Lawyer

Rates of Oregon Tenant Lawyer / Attorney

Please call our office at (503) 238-1010 to arrange for a consultation and have your landlord’s information and your property manager’s information so we can verify there is no conflict of interest.

  • Initial Consultation: $300.00/hour
  • Standard Hourly Rate:  $400.00/hour

We like clients to be prepared to pay for the first hour.  Some issues can be resolved within a one-hour with a consultation and possibly a letter.  During your initial consultation, we will advise you on how to best set up your case so you will win or mitigate damages if it looks like you don’t have what it takes to win. We will likely offer one of the following types of attorney fee agreements:

  • Continue to pay our hourly rates.
  • A flat fee agreement with the right to recover full hourly rates from the opposing party with the goal of client reimbursement for any prepaid attorney fees.
  • Alternate fee agreement where the attorney accepts the greater of the following:
    • A percentage of the settlement
    • Attorney fees awarded or negotiated as part of a settlement
    • Note:  If the attorney fees are less than the contingency fee percentage, the fees will be used to offset the contingency fee percentage.  If attorney fees awarded or negotiated under ORS 90.255 exceed the contingency fee percentage, the client will pay no contingency fee percentage and the attorney shall receive the full attorney fee award.
    • Note:  Most contingency fee cases require that no settlement is accepted unless our attorney’s normal hourly rate is paid, except when:
      • Our client pays our attorney’s normal hourly rate.
      • Attorney consents to a fee reduction.
    • Contingency fee percentages are lower for clients who forward litigation costs.
    • Information on this page is not a substitute for a signed fee agreement.

Why we decline some cases:  Occasionally we decline cases when the case is too high risk to pursue and the Client is not willing to pay us hourly.  Under ORS 90.255 there are reciprocal attorney fee provisions.  This means that if you are a plaintiff in a case and you cannot meet your burden of proof and you lose, you will be required to pay your landlord’s attorney fees and costs.

If you are of modest means or have no income and cannot afford our services:  The Oregon State Bar Modest Means Program can be reached at 503-684-3763 or toll-free in Oregon at 800-452-7636.  If you have no income, Legal Aid may accept your case.  You may contact Legal Aid at (503) 224-4086.

Why we don’t offer free tenant advice:  If you are of low or no income then you should contact the Oregon State Bar Modest Means program or Legal aid.   As we receive no government funding, we need to charge the public like every other business so we can pay livable wages to our staff.

Landlord/tenant law is one of the more complex areas of law that is constantly changing.  To give a legal opinion, we must consider Oregon State laws, federal laws, local laws, and any contracts.  To render a legal opinion our attorneys need to review your rental agreement and all communications between you and your landlord and ask follow-up questions.  Thus, we can seldom answer a “quick question.”

Most people would never call a medical doctor’s office and ask “just a quick question” regarding a diagnosis based upon minimal facts given by a patient.   If a doctor were to give an immediate diagnosis over the phone based upon limited facts without an examination and review of previous medical records, the doctor would be committing malpractice.  Lawyers, like medical doctors, can be sued for malpractice if they give advice below the standard of care.  Thus, our lawyers responsibly review all relevant documents, ask clarifying questions and verify the latest laws prior to giving legal advice.  After a review of your case, we can consider an alternative fee agreement.

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