Mold Cases

Portland, Oregon Tenant Lawyer for Mold Cases

Mold cases are some of the more complex cases under the landlord/tenant statute due to the burden of proof required. You have the burden of proving via expert testimony that there is a scientifically based causal connection between the air that you are breathing and the symptoms that you are experiencing. Thus, if you suspect that your rental dwelling has mold that is causing you to suffer physical symptoms, you should have the air that you breath in your unit professionally tested. There are several places locally that do mold testing for either tenants or landlords, including Mold Testing Services of Oregon at (503) 254-6111.

After you have the air tested, you will need to show the test results to your doctor and let your doctor determine if the air that you are breathing in your rental unit is causing your symptoms. If your doctor advises that you move out of your unit due to the air quality, please ask him/her to put this in writing, so that you can show your landlord written documentation of the problem.

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